Stop My Crisis Book Series

                     "Stop My Crisis - Facing Life's Challenges Head On" - Critical Information for Today's American Family

                     "Stop My Crisis - Be the 1 in 5 - The Business Owners' and Sales Professional's Guide to Success"




  • Understanding Mortgages
  • Mortgage Modification
  • Foreclosure vs. Short Sale
  • Personal Insurance Needs
  • Business Insurance Needs
  • Divorce & Mediation
  • Small Business Mediation
  • Understanding Credit Scores
  • ID Theft
  • Job Hunt Strategy
  • Being Downsized / Laid Off
  • Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities
  • Self Marketing
  • Saving on Home Energy & Utilities
  • More!

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Keynote Speaker &

Author & Producer of the Book:
"How to Survive Your Financial Crisis" 
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 To Speak At Your:

~ Corporation - Employee Education
~ Assocation - Trade  & Professional
~ Civic Organization - Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Libruaries, etc.
~ Support Group - Job Seekers, Financial Educational, etc.

Vivian's Topics include:

*  Mortgage Modification
*  Foreclosure Process
*  How to create your own work from home job
*  Identity Theft and Credit Scores

As well as other topics found in her book

Please contact Vivian at: /  800-977-1077

Stop My Crisis 
Book Series 


 A Complilation of Critical Information from Experts in bankruptcy ~Reverse Mortgage~Mortgage Modification~Recruiters~Free Help for Special Needs Children & Seniors~ID Theft




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How to Survive Your Financial Crisis is a comprehensive resource for individuals and small business owners who have been financially blindsided to the economic events of the past several years.  It is a compilation of practical solutions by experts in various  fields on how to survive your financial crisis.  Come...Be Rescued!

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